About the Potosi Volunteer Fire Department

Potosi is located less than 10 miles south of Abilene, TX. This community is growing rapidly and will soon be home to over 10,000 Big Country residents. The fire department operates out of one station and consists of no paid staff. Our station is located at 1622 Key Lane. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 6:30 P.M. and everyone is welcome. Potosi Volunteer Fire Department, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation under federal law. Donations are always appreciated. Potosi VFD has an ISO PPC rating of 5/5Y. Please become part of our online community and learn more about your first responders.


2024 promises to be another busy and challenging year for this department. With increasing call volumes, this year's budget is larger than ever before. Please do you part by donating today!

Did You Know?

75% percent of US landmass and 50% of the US population are protected by volunteer first responders. Volunteer firefighters are community residents who provide fire, rescue, and medical care free of charge because of their pride in the community. In Potosi, your volunteer fire department takes great pride in providing professional fire service without spending your precious donations on salaries and administrative costs.

About Volunteer Fire Service

The word volunteer has become a stigma in some circles of the fire service. Some still claim that volunteer fire service equates to sub-standard care. We set the record straight by providing the highest quality emergency services with no salaries. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the first responder who arrives at your home does so because of a passion to serve the greater good, regardless of compensation. Volunteer Fire Service is just as it says: a group of individuals providing emergency services with no financial compensation.

If you need information about fire hydrant location for insurance purposes please contact the Potosi Water Supply Corporation at (325) 529-3269.

The State Fire Marshal's Office performs fire inspections in the unincorporated areas in Texas.
If you need assistance with a home fire inspection for childcare or foster home purposes please contact the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office listed below.

For more information about fire safety inspections, please contact the State Fire Marshal's Office at 512-676-6795 or fire.inspections@tdi.texas.gov.

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