The Potosi VFD has been very fortunate to receive several grants over the past few years to greatly expand our resources and response capabilities.  We strive to search out ans apply for grants to help your donations go further.  Most grants have some form of cost-share or matching funds requirements.  These grants are not 100% free money but allow us to get more resources with a fraction of the monetary investment.  


Grants Recieved by Year

YearTypeItemGrant AmountMatching Funds Required
2004HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$245$0
2004Total $245$0
2005HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$420$0
2005Total $420$0
2006HB2604Pumper / Tanker$108,000$12,000
2006AFGStructural Protective Clothing$48,165$2,535
2006HB 2604Laptop Computer$1,000$100
2006HB 2604Wildland Protective Clothing$7,350$758
2006HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$330$0
2006Total $164,845$15,393
2007AFGSelf-Contained Breathing Apparatus$47,500$2,500
2007HB 2604Electronic Projector$1,000$100
2007500 for LifeThermal Imaging Camera$13,000$0
2007HB 3667Worker's Compensation Insurance$1,500$0
2007HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$5,625$0
2007Total $68,625$2,600
2008TCFP5" Supply Hose$7,700$0
2008HB 2604Wildland Protective Helmets$756$840
2008HB 2604Wildland Attack Lines$976$108
2008TCFP2.5" Nozzles$1,300$0
2008HB 3667Worker's Compensation Insurance$1,500$0
2008HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$5,520$0
2008Total $17,752$948
2009Dodge JonesFire Department Assistance$12,500$0
2009AFGAEDs, EMS and Training Equipment (2/2010)$31,103$1,636
2009HB 3667Worker's Compensation Insurance$1,500$0
2009HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$1,895$0
2009Total $46,998$1,636
2010HB 2604Training Software$8,000$0
2010HB 2604Wildland Fire Equipment$1,000$250
2010AFGBrush Truck and NFPA 1582 Physicals$144,875$7,625
2010AFGPortable Radios and Accessories$50,863$2,677
2010Dodge Jones GroupFire Season Repair Assistance$8,500$0
2010HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$6,045$0
2010Total $219,283$10,552
2011HB 3667Worker's Compensation Insurance$1,998$0
2011HB 2604Training Library$6,933$0
2011AFGMobile Radios and Accessories$25,289$1,331
2011TFSTFS Emergency Grant$5,000$0
2011HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$2,571$0
2011BCFFAAFG Cost Share Assistance$1,500$0
2011Total $43,291$1,331
2012HB 3667Worker's Compensation Insurance$1,728$0
2012HB 2604Wildland PPE$8,400$1,000
2012CFARescue Tool Assistance$10,000$0
2012HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$3,373$0
2012BCFFAFire Engine Replacement Assistance$1,500$0
2012HB2604Rescue Equipment$13,200$4,800
2012Total $38,201$5,800
2013HB 3667Worker's Compensation Insurance$1,995$0
2013HB 2604Computer$938$312
2013HB 2604Rescue Equipment$13,200$4,800
2013HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$985$0
2013Total $17,118$5,112
2014HB 3667Worker's Compensation Insurance$2,003$0
2014HB 2604Fire Equipment$7,800$2,000
2014HB 2604Training Tuition Reimbursement$2,112$0
2014HB 2604Fire Equipment$7,763$2,600
2014CFAFire Equipment Assistance$4,656$0
2014Total $24,334$4,600
  Grand Total Since 2004$641,112$47,372


AFG - Assistance to Firefighters Grant - Administered through FEMA

HB 2604 - Rural VFD Assistance Program - Administered through the Texas A&M Forest Service

HB 3667 - Rural VFD Insurance Program - Administered through the Texas A&M Forest Service

TCFP - Emergency Funding Program - No Longer Availible

500 for Life - Private Foundation - No Longer Availible

BCFFA - Big Country Firefighter's Associaiton

CFA - Community Foundation of Abilene



First Responder Grants - Grant Consulting Services for Emergency Services Organozations


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