*2014 PVFD Fleet*
2014 PVFD Fleet
Potosi VFD Fleet as of April 2014, left to right: Tanker 143, Engine 141, Brush 147, Brush 145, Brush 146, Rescue 149 and Squad 140.
*2017 PVFD Fleet*
2017 PVFD Fleet
PVFD Fleet as of November 2017. Pictured left to right: 148, Brush 147, Brush 145, Engine 141, Engine 142, Brush 146, Squad 140. Not pictured are the air trailer and ex-rescue 149 which is in the process of being converted into an air/rehab vehicle.
1994 Stewart and Stevenson M1078 LMTV
This vehicle will truly be a multi-purpose vehicle for us. We will carry spare tires, an air compressor, generator, tools, and more on the truck. We will use it as a recon / personnel transport / scout vehicle for wildland fires as well as a high clearance vehicle for the rare time we need to retrieve someone from a lightly flooded area. This chassis was recieved throught the DOD - Firefighter Personal Property program at no cost to our department.
Brush 145
1993 AM General M35A3
This is our third out brush truck. It has a 150 GPM pump and a 600 gallon tank. It also carries a chain saw, BLS EMS equipment including AED, and a full complement of hand tools. It also has a 15 gallon class A foam system.
Brush 146
2012 Ford F-550
This is our first our brush truck. It also is our second out vehicle for medical emergencies as well as motor vehicle collisions. It has a 500 gallon tank with a 250 GPM pump. It also has a remote control nozzle on the bumper as well as a remote control thermal imager with screen in the cab. It has a 20 gallon class A foam system. B-146 carries BLS EMS equipment including an AED, a chainsaw, as well as a full complement of hand tools. Brush 146 also carries two Firehawk M7 SCBA.
Brush 147
1984 AM General M923 5-Ton
This is our second out brush truck. It has a 1,200 gallon water tank, 18hp HPX-300 pump, Class A foam capabilities, and a full complement of hand tools. As with all of our apparatus, it also carried BLS EMS equipment and an AED. You can see it's transformation to a brush truck here even if you don't have a Facebook account:
Engine 141
1996 Pierce Dash
This is our second out engine for all structure fires, vehicle fires, and MVCs. It has a 1,250 GPM Waterous Pump with a 500 gallon tank. It carries a full complement of firefighting equipment including: rotary rescue saw, Chainsaw, 3 kW generator, 1,500 ft of 5" LDH, 600 ft of 1.75" hose, 400 ft of 2.5" hose, 300 ft of 3" hose, and 4 MSA Firehawk M7 SCBA. This engine carries BLS EMS equipment including an AED.
Engine 142
2002 Pierce Saber
Engine 142 is our first out engine to all motor vehicle collisions and structure fires. It carries 750 gallons of water and has a 1,500 GPM pump as well as a class A / B foam system. Engine 142 carries all of our rescue equipment as well as forcible entry and ventilation equipment including: Holmatro Hydraulic Rescue tools, Paratech high pressure lifting airbag system, Paratech stabilization struts, Bullard T4 Thermal Imager, rotary rescue saw, chainsaw, 3 kW inverter, 1,000 ft of 5" LDH, 600 ft of 1.75" hose, 400 ft of 2.5" hose, 300 ft of 3" hose, and 5 MSA Firehawk M7 SCBA. This engine has BLS EMS equipment including an AED.
Rescue 149
1989 GMC 3500 / Landoll P10 Rescue Truck
149 is currenty being retrofitted from our rescue truck to a breathing air support unit. It will carry our 6 bottle breathing air cascade system, a 7.5KW generator with a multitude of scene lighting and a full complement of rehab equipment. This truck is an ex-military rescue truck that served at Dyess AFB until it was acquired by the Abilene Police Department to use as a vehicle to carry their SWAT equipment. APD graciously donated the rescue truck to us when they purchased a cargo trailer to carry their SWAT equipment.
Squad 140
2003 Chevrolet Suburban
This is our EMS/Command vehicle. It responds to all Medical Emergencies and Motor Vehicle Collisions to provide EMS care until the ambulance arrives. It also responds to all major fires to operate as a command post. It has a full complement of ALS EMS supplies including an AED and supplies to perform advanced EMS procedures such as IV access, ET intubation, and much more. It also has a receiver for our Thermal Imager camera, MSA Altair 4x 4 gas detector, and Streamlight portable scene light.This unit was placed in service in 2008 to fill a growing need for a vehicle to handle EMS calls as well as a command responsibilities on increasingly complex fire incidents. It was put together by PVFD personnel. This vehicle replaces the 2000 Ford Expedition that was the initial S-140. As with the original expedition, all conversion and equipment installation was done in house.

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